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The spreadsheet contains the following information:

  • Domain
  • Name
  • Rank
  • Built With (e.g. Magento)
  • Server (e.g. Microsoft IIS)
  • Nameservers
  • Operating System
  • Twitter
  • Powered By
  • Language
  • Registration Date
  • Whois Registrant
  • Whois Admin
  • Whois Tech
  • Home Title
  • Home Description
  • Home Keywords
  • IP

Please note — not all rows contains all the above information.

No. Rows9,408
Registrant Email5,847
Sub Total$111.60
Discount CodeJULY20 (Sockt July promotion)
20% Discount-$22.32

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1DomainNameServer FullWhois NameserversWhois Registrant NameWhois Registrant AddressWhois Registrant City
2jpn.orgApachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpNadeshico Network ConnectionChuo-ku, OsakaMinami-honmachi 1-8-14
3sblo.jpApachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpSAKURA INTERNET Inc
4tenki.jpnginxns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpALiNK Internet, INC.
5mnrate.comApachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpMnrateChuo-ku, OsakaMinami-honmachi 1-8-14
6kuku.luKukuluApache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)ns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpKukulu
7nullpoantenna.comnginxns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpAbocado9F, 1-8-14, Minami-hommachi, Chuo-kuOsaka
8sk2ch.comXSERVER Inc.nginxns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpXserver XSERVER Inc.4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-kuOsaka
9nikkei225jp.comApachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpTakao ShimizuAoba-Ku Utukusigaoka 5-28-7Yokohama-Si
10h1g.jpApache/2.2.31ns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpSAKURA Internet Domain Registration
11kankou-obara.toyota.aichi.jpObara Tourist AssociationApache/2.2.31ns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpObara Tourist Association
12sakuraweb.com_Apachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpSAKURA Internet1-8-14 Minami Honmachi Chuo-kuOsaka
13gihyo.jpnginxns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpGijutsu-Hyohron Co., Ltd.
14appbank.netAppBank Inc.nginxns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpKyoichi WakayamaMeihou Bldg 7Shinjuku-Ku
15so-zou.jpApache/2.2.31ns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpSAKURA Internet Domain Registration
16sakura.ad.jpSAKURA Internet Inc.nginxns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpSAKURA Internet Inc.
17dbonline.jpApache/2.2.31ns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpBuzzword
18pricetar.comApachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpCapsulez9F, 1-8-14, Minami-hommachi, Chuo-kuOsaka
19jvcmusic.co.jpVictor Entertainment Inc.Apachens1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpVictor Entertainment Inc.
20futalog.comApache/2.2.15 (CentOS)ns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpFutalog9F, 1-8-14, Minami-hommachi, Chuo-kuOsaka
21cavelis.netValue-Domain ComGoogle Frontendns1.dns.ne.jp, ns2.dns.ne.jpValue DomainHonmachi Ts Bld. 6F Bakurou-Machi 4-7-5, Chuo-KuOsaka-Shi

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